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Fran's Tip of the Week

More on fabric placement

Because the eye is drawn to lighter, brighter colors and interesting pattern, those should not be placed in patchwork garments where you do not want to call attention (like my hips, for example).  I place darker colors toward the hemline of jackets and lighter colors toward my shoulders (to make them appear wider).  And no attention-grabbers at the bustline.

Ties as "jelly rolls"

Because most ties are about 3 1/2" wide at their narrowest, they can be cut down to be used as 2 1/2" strips for any number of projects.  Ties are cut bias, so I stabilize them before using with a very light-weight fusible interfacing.  You want the result to still be flexible, so test your fusible product before use.  Some ties have a lining as well as interfacing - you need to remove the lining before using the tie.  If the lining is sewn into the seams, you can carefully cut the lining seam allowance close to the stitching to pull the lining free.  More later... 



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