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Fran's Tip of the Week

Now yhat you made fabric...

Once you've made some custom "scrap" fabric, what can you do with it?  Make a coordinated pocket or piece of a garment (like a yoke), a small coordinating handbag, or even incorporate it into a small quilt or table topper.  You could use it in a small quilt's border as a base for additional embellishment.

Where to add width

Many times the pattern you have chosen may not be quite big enough in a few places.  Most of the time you can add a little width at the side seam, either all the way down from the armhole, or tapered out just where you need it.  For example, if you need a little more room in the bust, adding a quarter inch at each side seam (front and back) will give you a full inch.  You will also need to add that extra width at the sleeve seams, giving you an extra 1/2" fullness.



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