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Fran's Tip of the Week

The wrong side

I often forget that the wrong side of a tie can be used with a little forethought.  If you plan to use the tie as a strip, first cut off the ends and set aside.  Then take the 2 (usually) seams apart, press and resew with WRONG sides together on the same stitching lines.  Press open and proceed as planned.  I prepare the tie with a fusible underlining on the new wrong side before doing any cutting.

More on linings

A few more thoughts on linings.  Many easy jacket patterns do not have a separate lining pattern.  I use the basic jacket pattern pieces for my linings and add length with an added facing at the hem edges (see March 31 post).  The facings do need to be at least tacked in place so they don't "slump", but usually can be done in just a few places.



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