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Fran's Tip of the Week

Re-using a pattern that fits

Once you find a pattern that fits, you can use it again and again with minor alterations in style.  I rarely buy a new pattern if I can alter one that I know already fits.  On dress or jacket patterns, you can change the shape of the neckline, remove or change the length of sleeves, borrow a collar from another pattern, lengthen or shorten.  On multi-size patterns, you can cut a larger or smaller size (tuck the cut-off cutting lines back in the envelope for possible reuse).

Using the tips

Some ideas for using the tie ends (tips):  Treat them like prairie points - there are bag patterns available that use prairie points.  A large tip (cut 4"-5" long) can also act as a closing flap over a pocket.  You can also use them as embellishments in quilts or clothing that use recycled neckties.  Because the tie tips are much thinner than traditional prairie points, they will lie flat on/in your project.  In clothing applications, I sometimes like to secure the tip with a bead or small button.



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