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Fran's Tip of the Week

Threads for sewing clothing

If you are a quilter coming to clothing construction, you may need to rethink your threads.  Cotton threads are perfect for quilt construction, but are probably not what you want to use to sew clothing seams.  The right thread is strong, good quality and 50 wt. polyester (the same wt. you probably use in quilts).  do invest in good quality thread - I've had to repair many seams sewn with inexpensive, poor quality thread.

Textured polyester ties

Don't be afraid to accept free textured polyester ties (from the 70's era).  They may not be lovely, but are a source of durable fabric that can be included in a utility quilt.  Because the style then was toward wider ties, you can cut some large squares from the wide end.  Sewn in a simple scrappy style, you can have a colorful and durable quilt for next to nothing.  Back it with flannel for a cozy finish.



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