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Fran's Tip of the Week

Pin, pin, pin

I must have mentioned this before, but as I sewed in sleeves yesterday it occurred to me that this should be said again - pin, pin, pin when preparing to sew garment pieces together.  More fullness to ease in, more pins.  And just as important, remove those pins as you sew so you don't bend or break a needle sewing over them.  Be sure your pins are sharp so you don't snag your lovely fabric (discard the dull ones). 

Back to tie recycling basics

1. Sort ties before washing, especially lights from darks.  Separate red silks to wash separately. 

2. Wash neckties before taking them apart.  Use a dye fixative with mild detergent and finish with a bit of liquid fabric softener.   Line dry or in a dryer on delicate setting.

3. When taking ties apart, don't remove the lining from the tips UNLESS you plan to use all the tie fabric.  The tips make perfect "prairie point" embellishments.



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