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Fran's Tip of the Week

Adjusting jacket waist length

Waist length is the measurement from one of your neck bones to your back waistline.  If you are short, your waist length may be shorter than the normal and you will need to adjust a fitted garment pattern.  This is done by making  a tuck to shorten the torso pieces just above the waistline.  As I've recommended before, test a new pattern for fit by cutting the torso pieces from muslin and sewing together to try on for fit.  Transfer he waistline marks with the other pattern marks so you can compare yours with the pattern's.  More next time...

Ten ties

What can you do with 10 ties?  That's over 3/4 of a yard of fabric!  You can make a small quilt, vest fronts, add a plain coordinate and make a simple jacket, add lining and stabilizer and make a bag, add a plain coordinate and make a simple shawl, cut 75 yards of 1/2" wide bias, or 37 yards of 1/2" finished bias tape.



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