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Fran's Tip of the Week

Fabric - to wash or not to wash

The general rule for clothing fabric is:  If you intend to wash the finished garment (rather than dry clean), then wash the fabric before you cut out your pattern pieces.  If the fabric is inclined to shrink, you will save yourself the frustration of having a garment that no longer fits after it's washed.

Pin-woven "rug"

My sewing chair has a "seat rug" (about 15"-16" square) that my sister wove for me from whole neckties.  You could make one yourself with a pin-weaving set-up.  Set up strong warp threads (like heavy string) about 1/2" apart and 6"-8" longer than your desired finished length.  Begin weaving whole ties through with a 3"-4" gap at the beginning and end, leaving the ends to dangle out the sides.  Cut the loops and knot the string ends into a fringe.



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