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Fran's Tip of the Week

Adding a collar

You can add a simple, casual collar to a sweatshirt jacket.  First, before sewing on binding, staystitch the neck opening - stitch about 1/4" from the edge, taking care that you do not stretch the fabric.  Use a short stitch, such as used for patchwork.  Clip at 3/4" intervals up to the stitching, but not through it.  Measure the opening and cut two 3 1/2" wide rectangles that length.  Baste batting to one piece, or use fusible fleece or interfacing (your choice).  Sandwich the neckline between the two collar pieces, right sides of collar toward jacket with the plain piece to the wrong side of the jacket.  Sew in 3/8" seam and press away from jacket.  Quilt if desired and bind entire jacket raw edges, including collar. 

Dad's ties

After making small quilts for my 5 siblings and my mother several years ago, I had pieces left of all Dad's ties.  It was finally time to make something for me, so I adapted my "All Tied Up" vest pattern to use pieces of all his ties (30-some) in a wearable.  Some were silk, many were acetate, wool, or polyester.  Needless to say, I had to use a moderate setting on my iron for pressing. 



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