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Fran's Tip of the Week

Maximize use of a tie

A tie has many usable parts.  There is a piece of fabric at least 3" wide and 45" - 50" long, 2 finished ends that can be used as prairie points, usually a label that can be used as an embellishment, and sometimes an additional lining that can be pieced with others to line small items.  A demo attendee suggested using the interfacing to cut headers (stiffener) for armhole seams. 

Multi-use travel bag

I must share this tidbit from a customer I met at the American Sewing Expo last month.  She told me that she had made the handbag from my Essentially Pockets pattern and used it as a fanny pack during a European vacation.  Becasue the bag has an adjustable shoulder strap, she was able to put the strap around her waist and adjust it firmly.  The bag has several pockets, including a zippered compartment for valuables.  I'm planning to try her idea on my next trip!



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