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Fran's Tip of the Week

High Tide

High Tied1.jpg

Here is the little "tie" quilt I promised 2 weeks ago.  It's finished and off to Houston for the International Quilt Festival Celebrity Mini-Quilt Auction.

No problem zipper installation

At some point, you will want to sew a zipper into a skirt or similar garment.  A simple version follows:  1) Measure the opening for the zipper, allowing 3/4" above the top zipper stops.  Sew the seam closed below the opening, then baste the opening on the seam line.  Press seam open. 2) Baste 3/8" on each side of the basted seam.  3) Using Wonder Tape or similar product (double sided dissolvable 1/4" tape) on the right side of the zipper tapes, center the zipper coils over the basted seam on the wrong side.  4) On the garment's right side, stitch close to the basted lines and across the bottom end below the metal stop.  Remove all basting and press.



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