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Fran's Tip of the Week

Lining a simple skirt

You can line almost any garment, even from a pattern that doesn't include a lining.  If the construction is simple (few pieces), use the pattern pieces to cut a lining and add it as a separate layer.  For example, if you want to line a wool skirt, cut lining from the front and back pieces, construct the lining separately (no pockets), and sew it along with the skirt (wrong sides together) into the waistband.  Make the lining about an inch shorter than the skirt so it doesn't show. 

Taking ties apart refresher

There are a couple of ways to interpret the word "disassemble" when referring to recycling neckties.  I have been given ties that are COMPLETELY taken apart, even to the point of removing lining from the tips.  I prefer to save the tips intact.  Unless I plan to use the tie with the tips intact, I always cut about 3" off each end with the lining intact in order to use those tips as prairie points or other embellishment.  Then you can remove the remaining bits of end lining.  Some ties have an additional underlining layer, which I do remove before using the tie.



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