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Written to support a popular class on designing a personalized sweatshirt jacket. Loaded with ideas and instructions.

Start with a roll of 2 1/2″ strips and either a sweatshirt or the included basic jacket pattern. Loads of ideas and full instructions to finish either choice.

Start with a sweatshirt or the included “shoulder princess” pattern and 3-4 yards of fat quarters or half-yards. Guidelines for cutting pieces and suggestions for embellishing and/or quilting.

Start with a new or recycled child’s sweatshirt and add a simple collar or hood (pattern included). Keep it simple!

Start with a pack of 5″ squares and add fabrics to make a sweatshirt jacket or use the included princess pattern. Loads of ideas and full instructions.

Start with a stack of 10″ squares and the included basic pattern with collar options to make a lightweight, self-lined jacket. Loads of ideas and full instructions, including a sweatshirt option.